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Brevard After returning to Central Florida this year with a slate of Hollywood film, network television, stage and voice talent credits, Sky has been signed for theatrical, commercial and voice-over representation by Brevard Talent Group, one of the Southeast's foremost agencies, representing SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity performers.

Sky is personally being repped by the firm's founder and lead agent, Traci Danielle. The firm is highly regarded for providing talent for National and International productions shooting in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina and throughout the Southeast.

Casting Directors interested in contacting BTG regarding Sky's availability are invited to call (407) 841-7775.


Click to View Large Image Be on the lookout for "Can I Get a Witness Protection?" - a new and delightful faith-based screwball comedy along the lines of "Sister Act" and "Some Like it Hot".

Written and directed by Hollywood's Robert G. Lee - longtime professional comic and audience warm-up comedian for such TV series as "Will and Grace", "The Drew Carey Show", "Designing Women", "New Adventures of Old Christine" (and many more), the movie features a funny and outrageous cast of characters facing a most unusual set of circumstances!

Sky, for instance, has a minor role as a "Straight Laced Safe Cracker" who is attempting to break into a safe at an urban church. Does he succeed? Stay Tuned!

The film has had very successful test screenings in front of professional comics, marketing executives, church and college audiences and is being entered in film festivals. Robert G. Lee is now busy seeking distributorship.

Learn more about the cast and crew on their IMDb Page.


Click to View Large ImageSky completed filming the independent short film, "The First REAL Presidential Debate", in which he is featured as the debate moderator, Ken Skylighter ("Think CNN's Wolf Blitzer - only taller and sexier," Sky said with a wink).

The production was unique in that it employed the use of six cameras, simultaneously capturing various angles of the candidates and moderator during the heated and outrageous televised debate.
Click to View Large Image
Shot in the Santa Ana, California studios of The Art Institute of California, the film was produced, written and directed by Scott Essman

The film was released direct to DVD in the spring of 2013.


In a new, cutting-edge comedic campaign for Nestle Foods' microwaveable turnovers known as "Hot Pockets", Sky joins an ensemble of zany folks touting the remarkable qualities of the product.  At the center of the madness is young comedian and YouTube phenom, Toby Turner (

During the impressive on-location commercial shoot (at a private home in Sherman
Click to View Large ImageOaks, California), Sky portrays a well-meaning, but inept backyard barbecuer whose culinary creations are so bad that he always keeps a ready supply of Hot Pockets handy to ensure that he'll always have something to serve his guests that he knows they will enjoy.

And, yes, you may even see Sky sing the Hot Pockets jingle in a strained falsetto.

Sky booked the commercial through his commercial agent, Chris Holler, at Affinity Artists Agency.


Gamers can push the envelope as they assume the iconic role of Maverick and step into the '80s movie blockbuster "Top Gun".  With a storyline penned by the film's screenwriter, Jack Epps, Jr., "Top Gun" the game finds players joining such familiar characters as Goose, Iceman and Slider as they defend bases and head into intense aerial dogfights.  The "Wingman Edition" includes the full game, packaged along with a Blu-ray copy of the movie "Top Gun".Top Gun: Wingman Edition

Produced in Hollywood by Paramount Digital Entertainment, Sky plays the role of a Navy air traffic control commander, whose Tower gets buzzed by the hot-shot pilots...much to his dismay and ire!

The game's "Campaign" mode first asks armchair aces to learn the ropes at the academy before eventually shooting down enemy fighters in missions over the Indian Ocean, while the "Horde" mode sends a continuous wave of increasingly difficult enemies at gamers. Online multiplayer fans can get into the action with up to 15 friends in "Deathmatch," "Team Deathmatch," "Top Gun," "Bombing Run," and "Capture the Flag" modes.

Watch the trailer HERE


Click to View Sky portrayed Walter Cunningham in a dramatization of the Harper Lee Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird", a story of family, friendship, and the strength of the human spirit.  The production was directed by Gary Lee Reed and produced by Beth Castle with the Actors Co-op Theatre Company, the award-winning professional theatre group based in the heart of Hollywood.

This was Actors Co-op's 20th anniversary season.  Since its
founding, the company has produced nearly 120 productions and has won Click to View Large Imagemultiple Drama-Logue, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, LA Weekly and LA Ovation awards.

In addition to playing for sold-out houses, this production of "Mockingbird" received critical acclaim including a "GO!" rating from the L.A. Weekly and "Critic's Pick!" from Backstage West.


The producer for the hit Bravo TV series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Orange County brought Sky on-board to narrate a pilot for a new *reality TV show targeted for overseas distribution. 

Session recording was done in the production company's studios in Burbank. 

                       See: Evolution Media


What if Major League Baseball owners conspired to change the game in a significant manner?  What if no one stood up to stop them?  Could one man make a difference in this corporate world?

Ten Men on The FieldThese are the questions addressed in the new Visionary Cinema short film, Ten Men on The Field, which recently completed filming in Southern California.  Sky joined the ensemble cast as the interim owner of the beleaguered (pun intended) Los Angeles baseball franchise. 

The cast also includes Will Bowers,
Jay Dersahagian, David Graf, Phil Hunter, John Kayton, Jeffrey Markle, Steve Owsley, Dean Scofield and Cameron Smith.

TMOTF was written and directed by Scott Essman and produced by Jessica Herman.

Released direct to DVD, this movie has recently been added to the baseball film library at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Coopertown, NY.


What is the Electric Car? made its debut at independent film festivals on the East and West coasts and has toured extensively with displays of cutting-edge electric vehicles.  Sky is featured in the production as a college professor preparing a student for her investigative research project.

Premiering Now!Directed by Ken Grant, this feature-length documentary from Nemours Marketing & Dastoli Digital revolves around the Electric Vehicles (EVs) which will soon become commonplace around the world.  The film takes an entertaining look at the early history of EVs and continues forward 100 years later to follow the re-birth of an entire industry.

Not just for EV enthusiasts or passionate "Green" consumers, this film is an opportunity for all audiences to go "Back to the Future".



Sky donned his "Associate Producer" hat, assisting Producer/Director Peggy Webber with the latest presentation by California Artists Radio Theatre - Hyacinth Halvey - The Lad from Carrow.

This live-on-stage St. Patrick's Day radio
comedy event starred Ian Abercrombie, Shay Duffin, Leslie Easterbrook, Samantha Eggar, Richard Herd, James Lancaster, Hyacinth HalveyDiane Mercer and Tom Williams.

Hyacinth Halvey is a classic Irish comedy written by Lady Augusta Gregory.

In addition to the comedy performance, traditional Irish music and a drawing for Irish prizes was offered.  The event took place at the Beverly Garland Theatre in North Hollywood.

And in January, (CART) presented a star-studded production of Mary, Queen of Scots  (Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller)
with Sky as Associate Producer. 

Mary, Queen of ScotsGolden Globe award-winner, Samantha EGGAR starred as Mary Stuart and Diane Mercer portrayed Queen Elizabeth.  Also starring in this live-on-stage audio theatre production were Simon Templeman, Walter Koenig, Richard Herd, Amelia White, James Lancaster, and Paul Keith.

This was CART's premier production for the new year.  The company has been producing classic and modern audio drama for more than thirty years, with such notable performances as last year's LEVIATHAN 99, starring William Shatner and Sean Astin

The company's recorded shows (some of which feature Sky in various roles) are aired weekly on SiriusXM Radio Channel 80.


Turn Me On, Dead Man premiered at the prestigious L.A. Shorts Film Festival, at the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatres in West Hollywood.  Produced by Tyler Knell and directed by Adam Blake Carver, the film is an allegory that tells the story of the car crash, and subsequent death conspiracy of a rock star.  It explores the aftermath of the major cover-up, the band's attempt to adjust to their newest member, and the search for the hidden clues alluding to the star’s death.

TMODM stars David Moscow, Joe Reegan, Luke Edwards, Brian Klugman, Patrick Holland, and Brian GattasWillie Nelson’s son, Lucas Nelson, composed four original songs for the film.

Sky's roles included the voices of a newsreel announcer, a rock concert emcee, a county fair emcee and a network news booth announcer.  Ross Goldman was sound engineer.

And, Sky was the voice of the trailer for Who Stole The Electric Car? - a full-length feature released by Nemours/Dastoli. 


Sky McDougallIn a moving tribute to great American author/playwright, Ray Bradbury and award-winning poet/playwright/director, Norman Corwin, California Artists Radio Theatre presented a radio drama adaptation of Bradbury's space tale, LEVIATHAN 99 on May 3rd - Mr. Corwin's 99th birthday.

Produced and directed by Peggy Webber, the live stage event at the Writer's Guild of America Theater in Beverly Hills starred Click to View Large Image William Shatner, Sean Astin, and Norman Lloyd, joined by Walter Koenig, Samantha Eggar, Richard Herd and H.M. Wynant, with John Harlan, Robert Legionaire and Sky McDougall

Many in the cast had worked with Mr. Bradbury and Mr. Corwin in the past (Sky had the honor of working with Mr. Corwin in the "Strange Affliction" show for the Thousand Oaks Library Foundation).

Ray BradburyNorman Corwin

Both Bradbury and Corwin attended the performance, which was
followed by a
private reception and birthday party.

LEVIATHAN 99 was adapted for this production by Peggy Webber; the outstanding score was composed and performed by Ken Stange; engineering by Charles Abel; and sound effects by Tony Palermo. The live recording aired of LEVIATHAN 99 was broadcast in May, 2013 on SiriusXM Radio.

~ Photos by ENCI BOX ~


Sky had an unusual and extraordinary supporting role in a series pilot *presentation produced by EVOLUTION MEDIA.  Due to the nature of the project, all details must be kept "under wraps" for the time being.

Nonetheless, Sky is grateful to the producers for the delightful experience and was very pleased to work with the show's exceptional cast and crew. 


As associate producer and Board member of Peggy Webber's California Artists Radio Theatre, Sky co-produced Jim Geoghan's holiday comedy-drama, Light Sensitive, starring Mariette Hartley, Richard Herd and H.M. WynantPlaywrightSky with June Foray Geoghan is a prolific Hollywood writer/producer.  

Sky also co-produced and hosted OFF ON A TANGENT, a stage reading of the witty and philosophical writings of poet Geraldine Forer Spagnoli, whose work has been published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Daily News and numerous other publications. 

Geri's sister, June Foray, the famed voice actress was also in attendance (among her characters: Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Jokey Smurf, Sylvester and Tweety's "Granny" and hundreds more).


A few of Sky's many voice characters were featured as part of the latest incarnation of the musical cabaret, My Obsession With TV (MOWT), created by and starring Jeff DePaoli.  The show features original video sketches, and original live
Cameramusic inspired by showtunes, TV themes, parodies, and more all themed around television and "everyone's favorite shows".

MOWT made its debut in February, 2006 at Boston's Improv Asylum to a sold out crowd.  The positive response prompted a successful three week return in July, 2006.  Ever evolving, "My Obsession With TV" is a project that Jeff enjoys reworking and updating.  The third edition made its Los Angeles premiere in September.


A modern adaptation Eugene Ianesco's absurdist comedy Rhinoceros was one of a multitude of exciting productions that comprised The Antaeus Company's "ClassicsFest 2008" this summer in Los Angeles and Sky was part of the action.Rhino

Rhinoceros was directed by Michael Murray, former Artistic Director of the Charles Playhouse in Boston and a veteran stage director at The Cincinatti Playhouse in the Park, Hartford Stage Company and Off-Broadway in New York.  The cast included Apollo Dukakis as John/Jean and Arye Gross as Bergeron.  Sky played two supporting roles and dedicated his Ianesco debut to his late mother, Carol, the primary inspiration for his theatrical passion.

Performances of this workshop production took place at the Antaeus Company's interim home at the Deaf West Theater, in North Hollywood.

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